Search Details

Under Search Details you find information about the performed search request. The button’s color indicate if everything went as planned (green) or at least one warning (orange) or error (red) has occurred.

Along with general tips and information about your request, individual reports for each selected literature database are provided. These reports are highlighted in color if there are any specific warnings or errors (same color code as the Search Details button). For more information click on the corresponding Details button. You will also find a search query which will allow you to manually perform the search and instructions on how to proceed.

Publication Coverage

When a publication filter was applied, the Publication Coverage helps you to assess the degree of coverage of the search. The button’s color indicate if the search results and/or generated search queries cover all publications (green) or at least one publication produced a warning (orange) or is not covered by the search (red). The same color scheme is used for each individual publication in the list. Clicking on the corresponding Details button reveals which database covers which time period of the publication as well as which time period is not covered at all.

Result Export

You may export your search results (up to 30,000) by using the export form. The result export may take some time. You will be notified via e-mail once the export is complete.

View Options

This option allows to change the layout of the result list.

Compact Mode: Results are presented in a tabular form, comprising only title, author names, and publishing year.

Detailed Mode: All available information are shown, such as authors, journal name, and a short abstract.

Set the number of results shown per page (10, 15, or 30).